debut album: VELA

"'the music of what happens'..... Uninterrupted, perpetual, music that takes in water, wind and kitchen things, the unstructured symphony of a day, or a night, in the world.
Francesca Baines' sensitive, versatile delivery, combines with ingenious instrumentation - banjo, dulcimer, lampshade, sifting pan, matches and teacups, 'prepared piano' (Cage's invention), 'whispering forests' and harbour sounds - to give us back the world in heightened resolution."

Permaculture: A Toolkit For Musicians

An ecosystem emerges as a web of living relationships - a network of interactions, nutrient cycles and energy flows.  A musical culture is empathically the same thing.  Throughout all the interactions of the music trade; learn how to develop the ecological art of connection through this imaginative written series.

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Introducing muse-ecology

After touring across Europe with my first album in 2013, I began to yearn for a deeper ecological integrity with my work as a recording and performing artist.

An inquiry began, soon accompanied by the realisation that the industrialisation of music - music's mutation into consumer goods - was doing little now to serve music; its evolution, the thriving diversity of its makers, its ability to heal, to empower, to bring community together,

On an intuitive level, I felt a new consciousness emerging worldwide; an elevation in understanding and action that can meet our ever greater need to restore Earth and ourselves to Wholeness.  To navigate these extraordinary times, I feel the call for Whole new qualities of musicianship to come into Being.

Drawing from life experience; from my understanding of permaculture and the transition town concept to the co-creating of Earth-conscious events; I am gathering a body of ideas and practices that I call ''muse-ecology".

I wish to share these little seeds, to nurture and develop them with you, so that together we grow to meet our potential….arising in community to restore a flourishing creative ecology.

With Love and Gratitude x



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