A Dream to Begin

I am in a peaceful place, with beautiful books on shelves around me.  A Tibetan Lama is there.  We know each other – this is the third time in years that he has come to my dreams.  He offers me a pair of sandals.  Standing beside him is the Native American elder who crafted them.  They are delicate and light, made from twigs and leaves.  I look at this precious gift from Wise beings and think to myself:  “How can I wear these shoes? They are so fragile!”

I wake up and cry.  I cry because I realise that I have not placed enough trust in the Earth to support me.  Despite the best of intentions to work for her benefit, I have secretly believed that there is more strength in the humanised way, that it is more secure to walk the way society has taught me.

It is true, that the Earth as she exists now, is in a sense; fragile.  Her ecosystems are under great strain from the way many of us have been living.

I realise on this morning that I must trust Nature’s way, and walk in deeper alignment with her, and with confidence.  I know that often this will contradict many of the values that society has given me.  That in society’s eyes I might have to be a failure.  That it might not be easy.  That it will take courage to slowly release all the self-deceptions that have I used to construct my life and character up until now.  That some of my wishes and hopes, my ways of doing things; may become void.  But I would prefer to live in right relation to Her, as much as I can, stand in Her strength.

Following this dream I have slowed down.  I had been on tour for months, travelling thousands of miles on the roads of Southern Europe.  I come back to Ireland and lose the van and phone.  I garden, and write down ideas that begin to take a life of their own.

I revalue my energy and try to place it wisely.  The less money I have, the richer I am feeling.  I carry a strange state of ecstasy for a few months, and most days I cry for beauty in the world, in the simplest of things, and for suffering too.  With all the tears and smiles friends are asking me am I pregnant!  In a sense!  There is this mysterious certainty that collectively; there is a bright new wisdom emerging.

….. And I dream I find anther pair of shoes.  This time they are like a modern day moccasin, green and fit like a glove.  I give thanks.  This footwear feels protective and yet I feel the ground perfectly through the soles.

The dream of leaf sandals remains with me.  I recalled it with a friend recently, as I shared my journey.  She smiled at me and said:

“Those sandals will wear well if you tread in them lightly.”


Sun cycles later, and I am ready to offer you the beginnings of muse-ecology.  It has been a winding journey.  The river is in no hurry to reach the sea, for it nourishes more life with every curve that it takes.  My beautiful little son Inti has come to join this world and share his light, and time is showing itself in a completely new aspect; that of parenthood!

I dedicate the work of muse-ecology to the Earth and her children, and return it as a gift to Huachuma; whose profound medicine seeded and sustained its development.  Like a babe I bring it into this world; whose spirit is its own and whose person matures through each new interaction with others and the environments in which it finds itself.  The journey of muse-ecology so far has brought me insight and energy, and it is my wish that through sharing it with you it will support you in your creative work and play, and support music in its healing role. I invite you to share on this platform, on the muse-ecology Facebook group, within my Patreon community, and of course in person; your insight and wisdom, to contribute your own unique experience into the growth and life of muse-ecology.

And here we all are,
many different rivers,
meeting at the mouth,
merging with the bright sea.

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