Slow Tours is an initiative designed to explore

  • how live-music events can help to build community resilience against the impacts of climate change, peak oil and economic instability
  • how the touring arts trades can enable transition, reduce fossil fuel dependency and greenhouse emissions
  • how, both on a creative and practical level, live music can help to invigorate the networks that are dedicated to the regeneration of life on Earth - ecological life, social and community life, cultural and spiritual life

In 2016, Francesca made her first Slow Tour; visiting 10 communities and projects across Western Europe and participating in the GEN-Europe annual conference.  Through reflection, further experimentation, and a welcome to collaboration; Francesca aims to provide a workable Slow Tours model for touring artists with participating communities and projects.  Other resources will include the Slow Tours map and potentially; Slow Tours recycled vegetable oil depots for converted touring vehicles.

Slow Tours Objectives:

  • to harness live-music events in gathering collective energy towards regenerative action
  • to deepen the potency and interconnectivity of ecologically-orientated centres and networks, to strengthen their cultural value and give artistic voice to this culture
  • to develop an ecologically-sound infrastructure for live events and enable the ecological integrity of a touring artists' work
  • to enhance artists' professional resilience and their skills in community supported self-sufficiency
  • to enrich the artist's tour experience and further nourish their creative evolution
  • to musically amplify and express the vibration of an Earth-caring culture

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Why are new touring models needed for this time on Earth?

Transition for the music trade:

The livelihood of vocational musicians is left fragile from the commodification of music and its devaluing in the digital era.  Few can fund their work's evolution and gifts.  The conventional live-music infrastructure is environmentally damaging and often disempowers the deeper qualities of music - its power to heal, to transform and unify.  Diminishing biodiversity and wilderness is eroding the lands of our imagination and dulling expression, whilst the noise of consumerism is numbing listening capacity.  While a growing industry of 'experts' discuss how to recover the creative economy, few seem to acknowledge that the crisis for creators is symptomatic of deeper problems – an exhausted planet, some worn out societal structures, and an economic paradigm that does not generate prosperity.

The Problem is the Solution:  The question for musicians is not "How do we operate successfully in an unsuccessful system?", the question is "How do we help to create one that works?"

How can live music enable the transition to a more just, thriving and sustainable world?

The Slow Tours concept begins with the belief that touring artists and the ecologies surrounding their travel routes can really thrive when we place our live music events in the cultural centres of a healthy world; in the places where indigenous knowledge stands strong, in transition towns and cities, in eco-villages and intentional communities, in the centres, festivals and convergences that are dedicated to ecological and social wellbeing.  From how waste is cycled, energy generated, food/medicine/craft/currencies localised, habitats made, money used, collective energy focused, new skills learnt, ideas and inspiration shared:  By integrating our tour circuits with these networks, we can both aid their growth and connectivity, and develop a more ecologically sound infrastructure for live music.

Global Ecovillage Network



Fellowship for Intentional Community

Transition Network

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