"See the landscapes free, the green and abundant earth that you bring with your voice"


"Your music sounds like the voice of nature....of life!"

Daniella, Lucca, Italy

"A being came from a cold forest in Ireland and told stories of love and passion with a powerful and fabled voice that will never be forgotten"

Nicola, Bari, Italy

"It was as though the rain was falling in the woods, the clouds coming down around us with waves of peace and happiness, listening to you"

Kyrilas, Alexandroupoli, Greece

"I'm taking with me your positive vibration!"

Olga, Igoumanista, Greece

"Our souls were overwhelmed, flooded by your music, your sounds appearing before our eyes, your voice transcending us from the ocean depths to the crags of Olympus through the dancing light of birds and butterflies"

Spyros, Elena, Izini, Oristos and Antonis, Igoumanista, Greece

"One of the best concerts I really have ever heard"

Valeria, Foggia, Italy

"Wow!  I heard a great soul tonight ...."

Padova, Italy

"Sounds like birds singing, rain falling, stars shining"

Cincento, Padova, Italy

"I have never visited Ireland but this evening I think I can see, hear, feel something of this beautiful island"

Bern, Switzerland

"Thankyou for taking me in your fairytale .... it was wonderful!"

Petra, Bern, Switzerland

"In memory of a dreamworld this autumn night, where we could sense the rustling sounds of the Celtic soul.  Thankyou"

Marie, Huelgoat, Bretagne, France

"Magical moments of fairy laments.  Thankyou"

Lesly, Huelgoat, Bretagne, France

"From the beginning of time, the stars have always guided men and women.  This voice, this music, this magical world is a new star, with hope she will always guide us also.  To Francesca, to Dylan, for the times given, wonderfully human, have the most beautiful of travels.  Thankyou"

Siril, Lorient, Bretagne, France

on the path ...

You are welcomed to be my traveling companion on a journey into worlds of listening, connecting, creating, interacting, visioning and sharing, in the spirit of playful curiosity, Heartfelt discovery, and Earthfelt devotion to Life.