project: Slow Tours

The seed of the Slow Tours vision is strong, while the project is young and only beginning to root into resource.  At this stage in the cycle you are invited to explore, develop and integrate a Slows Tours practise within your art-form and share your discoveries with muse-ecology.

Objectives of Slow Tours:

  • to harness live-music events in gathering collective energy towards regenerative action
  • to deepen the potency and interconnectivity of ecologically-orientated centres and networks, to strengthen their cultural value and give artistic voice to this culture
  • to develop an ecologically-sound infrastructure for live events and enable the ecological integrity of a touring artists’ work
  • to enhance artists’ professional resilience and their skills in community supported self-sufficiency
  • to enrich the artist’s tour experience and further nourish their creative evolution
  • to musically amplify and express the vibration of an Earth-caring culture

Slow Tours

In 2016 a Slow Tours pilot visited 10 communities and projects across Western Europe. Through reflection, further experience-based research and collaboration; a Slow Tours programme is being developed for touring artists with participating communities and projects. Other resources to become available will include the Slow Tours map and potentially; Slow Tours recycled vegetable oil depots for converted touring vehicles.


Slow Tours merchandise and publicity material  download

Slow Tours artist/project feedback form  download

Locate potential Slow Tours venues:

GEN map of ecovillages in Europe

Ecolise map of community-led initiatives on climate-change and sustainability in Europe

CASA map and directory of ecovillages worldwide

Comun Tierra map of sustainable communities in Latin America

Map of Transition Initiatives worldwide

NuMundo worldwide map and directory

FIC map of intentional communities worldwide

ecobasa directory of sustainable communities, ecovillages and individuals looking for alternative ways of living